How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Forex Trading Approach

Mindfulness has become a buzzword nowadays. This concept has been preached as the solution to all the problems associated with past trauma and stress management. Mindfulness is a yoga variation. But is it really effective? Does it improve the overall trading approach if it gets implemented?Let’s go deeper into the topic to know better.

The Low Down

To implement this concept in one’s daily trading life, he will need to clearly understand the concept of mindfulness. People have a common misconception that exercise is a form of meditation. Like meditation, it will clear one’s mind. Though meditation has a demonstrated reputation of improving mental conditions and reducing stress, the mindfulness system walks a little different path.

Rather than cleaning one’s mind of all the complications and clutter that got created by his regular emotions and feelings, mindfulness asks him to pay more attention to all those emotions and feelings.Not just every thought or emotion, the system demands people to focus on all those thoughts that make a person become more emotional and all those emotions that have brilliant effects on him.People may find themselves some quiet places to condense all their concentration and project it on their emotions and thoughts that make their mental state vulnerable.

Colliding Mindfulness into Trading

To answer the question about the key solution of all the performance issues, specialists have pointed to mindfulness. The moment people start noticing that the stress and negative thoughts have found their way to his mind and trying to bear down on his body, he needs to cut it all off right there. It will relieve the stress making him lose anything.

By doing this, traders can save themselves from making erroneous decisions being obsessed with wrong kinds of thoughts. Mindfulness helps people to stand apart from their feelings and thoughts, no matter how ardent or insistent they are. It is more of an invaluable mental skill than a calming technique. That’s why the elite traders at Saxo capital markets Singapore always give priority to stable mind-set in trading profession.


If summarized down, all the benefits of mindfulness, once implemented in trading, can be classified into two types.Knowing that emotions and thoughts are nothing more than emotions and thoughts. They will only control a person when the person handovers his control to them.Deploying the above-cited knowledge to make a better decision and generate consecutive successes.

How to Implement Mindfulness into Trading

Like many other different things that worth doing, learning various techniques means initiating from scratch and developing from the ground up.The process is as simple as it takes only breathing to start it. Now it’s about two or more minutes that one spends focusing on his breathing. Throughout this time, he can feel the movement of his chest and so on. The process doesn’t entitle anyone to any time period. The key is to practice it regularly.

One can also manage some timeout when they feel their work and senses are already started to get frantic. At that time, the person can take some mindful minutes to focus on his breathing and still stay in the present. Only a couple of minutes will be enough for him to get out of that negative or frantic mental condition and reinstall his judgment to make rational decisions.

Other mindfulness exercisers recommend that people acknowledge the names of the emotions they are feeling during the time of using the breathing techniques. Some physical actions can also be practiced like leaving the phone home, going for a 15-minute walk, uttering the names of what one is seeing by the path, etc.

As the most significant trading problem is someone’s whimsical and nervous mind, the measure suggested to deal with the problem with more caution. Traders need to calm their minds even when the world is against them. Trading is not a game for weak minded people.

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